The “Oblò del Mare” line

The “Oblò del Mare” line of grilled tuna and mackerel won the Food Product 2018 award from the prestigious event that every year selects companies that focus on Research & Development in order to meet the demands of the modern consumer through innovation.

The line

Offered in an innovative “look and taste” packaging, a tin with a transparent lid that lets you see the product and is easy to open thanks to the ‘easy peel’ solution, the Oblò del Mare line is unique in its kind because it combines the advantages of glass packaging with the lightness and unbreakability of tins. Inside they contain only the best ready-to-eat tuna and mackerel fillets, 100% natural, processed by hand and individually grilled on both sides to provide taste and delicacy, while keeping all the nutritional properties intact.

The award

General Manager Roberto Sassoni commented: “We are very proud of this award that recognizes the high level of innovation of this line, which stands out in the market for its high quality and unique packaging. Being chosen as Food Product 2018 highlights the great focus on the Research and Development sector that has always distinguished Rizzoli Emanuelli.”