Through this project, and thanks to the opportunities provided by the Emilia Romagna Region, Rizzoli Emanuelli aims to develop an internationalization strategy in the short and long term. In the short term, the company’s first objective is to organize its internal structure so as to meet efficiently to the requests of the targeted markets. The second objective is to implement penetration strategies in the markets identified in Europe and Asia.

At the end of this first internationalization phase, the company intends, in the long term, to expand to countries neighbouring those identified in the initial phase.


In the short term, Japan is identified as the target market in Asia. Indeed, in the past our company has achieved significant recognition both in Japan and in South Korea; in the long term as well, the internationalization process will involve markets neighbouring Japan.
France will serve as a starting point in Europe: after a first phase in the French market, internationalization will proceed in adjacent countries, such as Germany and the United Kingdom.


Establish strategic relationships with players in the sector through our Export Manager in order to develop relationships with representatives of large retail organizations, and with customers in general, with the aim of promoting Rizzoli Emanuelli products and increasing sales volumes.