Absolute transparency

Our goal is absolute transparency towards the consumers, who can learn about the whole history of the product they put on the table.

Sustainable fishing, traceability of the supply chain and quality of the product.
These are the three pillars of Conscious Tradition since 1906, the seal ensuring quality and sustainability of Rizzoli Emanuelli anchovies.

Our certifications

Sustainable fishing

Low environmental impact

Our fishing boats work in selected areas, respecting regulations in force put in place to reduce the negative impact on marine ecosystem. We use purse seine nets technique to fish the anchovies which, in combination with the use of circle nets and lampare lights, does not damage the seabeds. This commitment to sustainable fishing with low level environmental impact is guaranteed by the MSC and Friend of the Sea certifications.

Our purse seine nets fishing technique

– Respects the fish stocks
– Has low environmental impact
– Is responsible and respects the laws

Supply chain traceability

Transparency and safety are our key values

This is why we directly manage and control the entire anchovy supply chain, from the sea to the table. Using an online traceability system, consumers can find out the history of every product with just a few clicks.

Quality of the Product

The Time Honoured Rizzoli Rule

We take pride in more than a hundred years of experience in processing anchovies. A tradition handed down for five generations, made of techniques and closely kept secrets.
We select only the best fresh fish batches and do everything by hand to keep the integrity of the raw material: from head removal to filleting, up to packaging..

We guarantee the salting within 24 hours from fishing and a long maturation period. The result is an inimitable product, delicate in taste and unique in texture.