Alici in Salsa 90g


Anchovies, tuna, mackerels and sardines fillets: raw materials selected and processed with expert artisanship. Now as then.

Anchovy Fillets in Olive OilSalted AnchoviesAnchovy PasteTuna Fillets and Slices

Mackerel and Sardine FilletsAnchovy fillets in spicy sauce and in extra virgin olive oil

Seas of excellence

From the Mediterranean Sea to the Cantabrian Sea, a journey in search of the finest quality anchovies in the world.

Cantabrian Sea anchovies and anchovy fillets MSC Certified
Adriatic Sea anchovy filletsCantabrian Sea anchovy fillets


Rizzoli’s quality meets organic extra virgin olive oil that gives unmistakable flavour and softness

Organic extra virgin olive oil line

I Piatti del Pescatore

Fisherman’s dishes

The Oblò del mare (Sea Porthole) line and the regional tuna salads: ready-to- eat dishes cooked to perfection, presented in innovative packaging. Convenient, tasty and naturally healthy.

Grilled mackerel and tuna fillets Le Regionali (The Regional Ones) tuna salads

Special lines

A wide assortment of products celebrating the passion for the most authentic taste: made respecting the ancient family tradition, a guarantee of quality that goes back a long way.

Family reserve Selections Artisans of the seaCatering

Pescheria serie

From the Cantabrian Sea, in northern Spain, the best fillets in size and taste. The finest anchovies caught in the open sea and certified MSC, entirely hand-crafted on the fishing site and left to age for a long time.

Stretched anchovy fillets in seed oilSalted anchovies in seed oil