The Origin

Our history begins in the early 1900s thanks to the resourcefulness of Luigi and Emilio Zefirino Rizzoli.

Masters in the art of fish preservation, they moved from Turin to Parma in 1906 and, together with Antonietta Emanuelli, they founded today’s Rizzoli Emanuelli Spa, specialized in anchovy filleting and packaging.


An iconic product

Anchovies in Spicy Sauce were born in 1906: a product, a secret, a myth.

Inimitable in the iconic golden tin, what makes them unique is indeed the sauce, matured in numbered wooden barrels that previously contained Marsala wine, prepared with fresh ingredients hand-prepared. Recipes and cooking time are so valuable that have been passed on only to the first born orally.


The choice of the logo

An excellent batch of fish preserved in containers depicting three likeable gnomes is at the origin of this prestigious brand.

It was chosen in 1906 by husband and wife Emilio Rizzoli and Antonietta Emanuelli. Since then the three gnomes have been the symbol of the company, a sign of good omen, health and longevity.


The first fairs

Antonio Rizzoli, Chairman since 1958, constantly expands the company,

that regularly participates in the most prestigious international food Fairs.


Rizzoli Emanuelli becomes S.P.A.

Massimo Rizzoli takes up the reins of the family business.

For him tradition does not mean being still, but matching experience with a strong spirit of innovation.


Anuga Award

We offer, first in the sector in 2003, the flexible packaging for our anchovies. In 2015 we win the Anuga prize.



Food Award

We propose the Oblò del mare line with an exclusive can with transparent lid that makes them unique on the Italian market. In 2018 we win the FOOD award.


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Le Origini

La nostra storia inizia agli esordi del ‘900, grazie all’intraprendenza dei fratelli Luigi ed Emilio
Zefirino Rizzoli.

Maestri nell’arte della conservazione del pesce nel 1906 i due si trasferirono da Torino a Parma e, insieme a Antonietta Emanuelli, fondarono l’attuale Rizzoli Emanuelli Spa, specializzata nella filettatura e nel confezionamento di alici